"I've reached the conclusion that Pete has x-ray vision. He has the uncanny ability to draw the best out of people. Perfect for leaders. And their teams." 
Gary Lynch
Gary Lynch
Non Executive Director, Former CEO



Sessions can be online or in person, typically over a period of six to seven months. Coaching packages start at £3500 for six sessions.

One day coaching intensives

A whole day dedicated to unravelling your thinking for fresh ideas and insight. Because sometimes we just want a bit of an upfront boost. Prices start from £1200.

A lot can happen in coaching...

From not good enough to free

Having a fantastic job and working with great people wasn’t enough. Not because I was greedy, but because I didn’t see myself as enough.

I tried everything to fill the void. Mindfulness. Meditation. Minimalism (and lots of things that don’t begin with M). Nothing worked. I couldn’t nuke that feeling.

Not until I came to know that I had completely misunderstood the power of thought. It worked for me, discover how it works for you, too.

From distracted to present

Have you noticed how much fun it is when you are present? Life becomes enjoyable, ideas flow, and relating to others comes easy.

There are no hoops to jump through, power words to recite. You aren’t even wearing your lucky pants.

And yet, when delivering a speech to a crowd, or talking one-on-one to our boss’s boss’s boss, we put in so much work to be present and correct. And it all goes, well, a bit pear-shaped. What’s that about?

Presence is not the addition of effort; it is the absence. Find out how.

From striving to insight

Effort across time equals success, right? And if that doesn’t work, double down. When that doesn’t work, try harder still. Before long, it becomes a way of life. A job that was once enjoyable now feels like a ball of stress.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Minds are designed to work best when at ease. That’s why great ideas come in the shower, or walking the dog, or on holiday…

What if a mind at ease was more available in daily life? There would be much less striving and stress, much more new ideas and insight. Discover how.

From burnout to better

Burnout can upend your whole world. It did mine. It can lead you to question everything, all the decisions leading up to that point, the signs ignored, mistakes made. But that path leads to despair.

There is life after burnout. A great one. And it waits for you. When I looked closer and started to listen, burnout showed a new way to live.

Discover how to let life be your teacher and return you back to wonder.


Coaching is a conversation with purpose, and the purpose is to support your ongoing freedom, peace of mind, and resourcefulness. We meet online or, if preferred, in person in the London area, UK.

I get it. You’re tired of searching, tired of learning more and more just to feel some sense of peace or to move beyond burnout. The truth is, we never know anything will work in advance. But I’ve been where you are. I have walked those miles. If you want to get in touch to have a free exploratory conversation, then you’ll know for sure if it’s for you.  

I coach from an understanding of timeless principles behind mental wellbeing and resourcefulness. These principles lead to a fuller understanding of what we have going for us. An understanding that is better than any technique.

Principles exist for physics, mechanics, aerodynamics, gravity…might they exist for wellbeing and resourcefulness, too? 

It’s good to know that. And if anything changes, you’ll know that, too. Meantime, enjoy the resources and, if you wish, please sign up for the newsletter.