When time and effort are no longer enough.

I coach leaders to deliver long term with less effort, greater enjoyment, and more success. (Because anyone can survive short term on stress.)

If struggle is the norm and breakthrough seems a long way off, what you want is...

Less striving, more achievement

To achieve more by thinking less. Yep, I had it backwards, too.

Less noise, more Signal

To discover the wonder of life beyond never feeling good enough. I promise it exists.

Less self-conscious, More Aware

To drop limiting beliefs and become open to insight and fresh thinking. And, who doesn't want more of that?

Hi, I'm Pete

I help leaders to be at their best.

After almost twenty years working as an executive coach, coach trainer, and Director of Business Improvement, I’ve learned what works in helping people to be at their best, and what gets in the way.

It’s not about tools, tips, and techniques. Those can be fine, but what if thriving (being well, doing well) came from a foundation of understanding that was built in, not additive?

Then the route to ongoing productivity and ease would come from knowing how to access a natural resourcefulness and doing more of it. That’s where I come in.

The alternative is to throw ever more time, effort, and coping strategies at work – a path to burnout, as I know to my cost.

Feel free to explore the resources and, if you like what you see, take the next step towards coaching.

Pete wilson Headshot against wall
At a crossroads in my career, I gained new insights to take into my professional and personal life. Now, I am doing a job I love in a way that I love - with greater freedom of mind and clarity.
Neil Kennett-Brown
Neil Kennett-Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Pete challenged my fear of public speaking in a meaningful and tactful way. He helped to shift my mindset and build my confidence going forward. A delightful person to work with.
Joanna Hansen
Joanna Hansen
Global Head of Design
The way Pete works is a powerful combination of strength and gentleness, helping you to reach new levels of self-understanding and awareness. He was an inspiration for me to start working as an executive coach.
Alan Zepec
Alan Zepec
Executive Coach
Working with leaders from the public and private sector
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